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Rose Nebula by Hameed

Distant yet distinct, with tones that are beautiful and tarnished by consummate use of differing light states which benefits the dark and dissonant nature of this piece.

Masterfully spread dark clouds unfold their choreographies in splindly and contorting shapes while maintaining impossibly graceful and repeating motifs and patterns in slowly evolving puddles of gas, then changing mood rapidly near the edges to a different colour and different flow, but same liquidity.

Without an eye for detail, the viewer will be lost for this work, yet he must possess an eye for the grander, and thus less detailed to enjoy the simple elements of a large composition. It is fair to say this work should be taken as an whole and not piece by piece, as each piece tends to flow into the next through ambient space and dark silence with such fluidity as to be entirely seamless. The illustration here is inexactly cut because it is distinguished by obscurity and vagueness in the work rather than by definitive statement (as a representation of phenomena like nebulae tend to be, as opposed to that of planets, for example); intensely romantic and wistful, the gaseousness ever-flowing outward from bright centre depicted in this work pauses on each consideration like a chewer of an emotional mouthful of brief patterns.

Like ocean swells at storm, the enclaves of light sources rise as layers fall away and descending, plunging but never depleting their energy as from scattered eddies a pulse rises again, recrystallising the different currents into a new shape. They meld together into a voice through the interplay between layers that reinterprets the overall direction so that it can rise again out of itself.

Easily some of the best work from you, this work maintains the intense mood of your earlier works but adds to it the fascination with emergent complexity in simple pieces that marked your later works, but here a more facile sense of artistry centred on constructing a tunnel of symbols into which the viewer relaxes disbelief and then finds the path turning as it evolves, eschewing the progressive linear for the dynamic dimensionality of an eternal churning of creation and destruction like a cycle of breathing.

While some downsides in this work are present -- like the painting-like quality -- both they and it are bent in service to a vision of beauty forming from chaos that destroys the archaic before it, in order to rebirth a force as old as the universe in a new incarnation, reawakening all creation to its potential through a majestic seriousness feared by the facile evasion of closed minds.

Ever against the backdrop of space the empyreal, this work inspires with a regal, wistful beauty.
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evilsyndicatemember Featured By Owner May 13, 2009  Professional Artist
This is probably one of the most beautiful critiques I have ever seen. :heart:
welfareleech Featured By Owner May 13, 2009
I am glad. :)
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